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OPINION: Review of Teenage Leadership Capsule By Adedamola .M. Akewushola

Date: 2017-12-11


A lot has been said about the scrapping of the NYSC scheme, to some, the scheme has outlived it’s founding objectives, while to others, there should be a proper reorientation to map out what NYSC truly represent.

Nevertheless, a corps member serving in Jos, Plateau State, a graduate of Religions from the University of Ilorin, has raised the bar and standard of the NYSC scheme as he publishes a chap book titled "Teenage Leadership Capsule" according to the young author, who hails from Ilorin, Kwara State, he has met and seen a different life and culture in far northern Nigeria. This chap book serves as his little contribution in fixing the leadership issues in his state of primary assignment and Nigeria in general.

A quick review of “Teenage Leadership Capsule” as my eyes flip through the page, In the society we find ourselves stranded in today, people tend to forget the true meaning of growth. When I say growth, I mean all round. How to improve ones self in various ways. And teenage leadership capsule has summarized how to go about it and be a better version of yourself. When an author writes on leadership, to some, leadership is just the act of bossing people around and pocketing what is meant for the society.

But TLC has given a precise, true and adequate definition of the word leadership. As stated in the book, leadership is said to be "the ability to practice, emulate and turn into habit, character and traits which would add up to eventually make such an individual become not only influential but a role model”. The author goes on by adding how man should emulate the art of sacrificing wants for needs. That is highly commendable school of thought. People have lost the act of sacrifice. The author speaks on respect.

Quoting holy books and giving respect the light it deserves. Gone are the days where respect to not only elders was key. The place we find ourselves today, respect is on the side lines. But TLC has given light to such a heavy topic which people view as a minor. Mr Akewushola Habib, has shed light on being conscious of our environment. In our world today, evil doers have no shame. They work during the day. He points out in his book that one should find someone they are comfortable with and learn to confide in the person.

One cant always be on a safe side. You have to take charge and know who is who and who is a stranger in the society. His book truly buttresses my point when I tell people I do not believe in peer pressure. People always take a second look at me. When you read through the lines of his book, he did mention “…(your failure is yours, same as your success is)". When man fails, we are quick to attach a reason to it, blaming society and the spirits from past actions. Which is wrong. And from the book I have learnt, take charge of your life. No one has the power to ruin you unless you give them room to. No man has the power to force you to take in alcohol unless you willingly request for it. The society can either be a part of your life either actively or passively only when you provide room for it. He speaks on 'failed education pursuit, relationships and financial pressure’.

I will highlight financial pressure' when it comes to youths, to them daddys money is forever theirs to inherit.

I grew up with a constant ringtone, "...because I can afford to pay your school fees doesn’t mean you would be able to do so. If you toil with your life now, you will spend your retirement age regretting." And this book just shed more light it. Serving as a method of voicing out to youths.

The mentality should be killed. Youth should know that their parents wealth is for as long as their parents live. If not properly invested, regrets would set in eventually. Moving on to the area that made me smile CAPSULE 4: FRIENDSHIP.

As a teenager, keeping friends can be tasking. So as the book advices, carefully pick so you wont look back and wish you could turn back the hands of time. I grew up knowing that a true friend would show when you are at a point where you are facing something truly severe. In conclusion, the writer speaks on how one should be career wise.

Kwara earmarks N200m counterpart fund for rural road projects I would round up by saying 'one is never too young to start mapping out their career plans.'

Dream killers walk the streets. They would look you straight in the eyes and shatter the foundation that you have worked so hard putting together. Telling people what you plan for your self can be really tasking, because one must tell someone who can impact and improve the dreams. And not someone that is just present to kill dreams. As he said "only a fool knows everything".

And truly I stand with his words. You should ignore the sounds of the future killers and gracefully ask questions ignoring if you may sound stupid or not. And to Mr. Akewushola Habib, your book is truly a eye opener for people in the society. I am proud of what you have put together and I feel we need more people who is ready to set aside time to put together great works like this. You are a blessing to the society and I know your book would touch the lives of people who pick it up to read. Thanks for being a great impact in our society and we do expect more of your works. A true gem in our mist. Adedamola .M. Akewushola

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